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Have you ever got injury in sports or other situation?

Some guys have!! I also have got several injuries before, such as ankle sprain, muscle torn and low back pain etc….

Today, I would like to share some useful knowledge about what you should do after getting injury immediately. This is not only for sports injury, you can use for all injury, so this knowledge will help you.

My presentation topic is RICE treatment!!
Do you know what it is?

RICE is first letter of 4 kinds of treatments. You should do these 4 kinds of all treatments together after getting injury. Actually these are easy to do, and also these are best treatment for injury. You have to memorize it.

Maybe you do not understand exactly. Let’s move to more details.

First, I would like to explain the aim of these treatments. The aim of these treatments are to control blood flow. Because the worst stuff for recovery from injury is swelling.

Do you know swelling?

An area of your body has become larger than normal, because of injury (to accumulate a lot of blood). It also has heat.

After getting injury, the blood accumulates to area of injury much for reducing it, but it is not only good things. Almost all time, these accumulate too much, so some cells, which there are in the area of injury, will die, because they don’t get to oxygen and nutrition. This is a cause of getting swelling.
There also are several bad stuffs about swelling. If you get swelling, you will not walk, because you don’t get your joint’s full range of motion (moving area of your joint), this cause also is swelling.

Moving on next, I will explain about each part of treatment. First is “Rest”.
If you get an injury, you must stop playing immediately. It is a common knowledge, and also you can't play by painful. Probably, you have done this treatment. There are several reasons from scientific background. One of scientific reason is, while doing sports, heart beat is more increased than usually life. It means that the blood can accumulate in the area of injury. It is bad stuff!! So you should not play after getting injury.

Second treatment is “Icing”. Maybe some guys have done it, because it is popular treatment for injury. It is best way for preventing swelling, therefore, this treatment aims also to control blood flowing. In addition, this has good ability, whish can control pain. After icing, your pain decreases before icing, because icing can paralyse nerves. So icing has two big benefits.

This word means “to cover an area of injury to control blood flowing”.
This treatment is used a bandage. If don’t do this treatment, the blood and swelling can spread. It means that you can’t walk and feel pain more sensitive, because getting swelling.

Last one is elevation. This treatment mean is “to lift up the area of injury above heart”. If you do it, the blood will not be able to flow area of injury too much. Raise your hand or raise your leg is also one of treatment.

I have to say some caution. You should not do icing more than 30minutes. The best time of icing is 20 minutes. If you do it more than 30 minutes, your body gets a cold too much; it is bad stuff for recovery.
I really recommend going to hospital after this treatment.

In conclusion, these 4 kinds of all treatments influence with blood flow, so most important stuff as after getting injury is to control blood flow. This is the main point of my presentation.

I have explained about the aim of RICE treatment and how to do RICE treatment.
by satoru_otsuka | 2006-09-28 15:53 | トレーナースキル
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